Osnat Benshoshan
President, Catalyst
The Catalyst Company is marketing communications consultancy offering research, branding, advertising, PR and online marketing services. Our goal is the same as yours: simply to create demand for your brand. Brand invention and re-invention is our passion.

We specialize in integrated multi-media marketing campaigns; a true challenge today due to the overwhelming explosion of media channels and communications options.

Catalyst has delivered successful marketing solutions to a broad spectrum of clients in different industries, but one of our specialties is healthcare.

What sets us apart from other agencies is that we offer truly integrated marketing solutions; we’re not an advertising agency or a pr agency or a web agency, who may offer biased solutions based on their area of specialty or economic interest. We’re media neutral and look at things holistically, with a focus on brand strategy first.

Catalyst combines traditional media and social media, for targeted , cost effective solutions that are customized for each client.

What our clients say:

Cliff Reid, CEO Complete Genomics
“Catalyst transformed our positioning ...  The “human only” positioning they developed succinctly and powerfully defined our niche – and it is recognized as the biggest niche. ”read more

Geoff Mackay, President and CEO Organogenesis

“Catalyst’s ambitious re-invention of OI has made the world see us as we see ourselves. Our corporate re-positioning, from a tissue engineering company to one of the world’s leading regenerative medicine companies, has resulted in tremendous publicity and awareness of our company and products, as well as government interest in our technology, all of which we believe has had a very significant impact on our valuation.” read more

Geert Kersten, President and CEO Cel-Sci

“Simply put, Catalyst reshaped the face of CEL-SCI’s image for the investment community and the world.” read more

Susan W. Hayes, President & CEO, Interplast
“Catalyst challenged our thinking, forced us to clarify our brand identity and messaging, and yet did so with a wise and gentle grace that made the whole experience enjoyable.” read more

Stephen Farrell: Vice President Bio-active Wound Healing, Organogenesis
“ Catalyst is particularly adept at developing sound strategy and following it up with solid execution, which is not very common in my experience.”
read more

Steve Basta, President and CEO Bioform
“Catalyst helped us uncover new opportunities for Radiesse. We learned about the consumer landscape and gained valuable insights about the mindset of our customer base.” read more

Tom Albright, Vice President of Marketing, Noble Biocare
“Our company engaged DTC Catalyst for assistance in developing a breakthrough strategy for consumer promotion.” read more

Michael Birnholz, President and CEO Toldya
"Beyond outstanding execution, it was brilliant strategy by Catalyst that led to the development of our Facebook application and social selling tool, the Toldya estore." read more

Lawrence B. Harkless, DPM, Dean, College of Podiatric Medicine Western University of Health Sciences"The strategic work around positioning was excellent. Thanks for your patience  persistence and most of all creativity and passion. Your leadership is superb.” read more

Sanjay Sabnani Vice President – Hythiam
“Catalyst was invaluable in planning the launch of our groundbreaking and controversial celebrity campaign for Prometa.” read more
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